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About Us 


What do we do?

We work closely with Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinicians, GPs and Nurse Practitioners who refer patients  to us.  Individuals may self-refer but will require GP consent.  Partner/carer welcome. 

Provide 6 exercise and relaxation classes at 3 different venues under the supervision of BACPR level IV tutor.

Promote a holistic lifestyle; research has shown physical exercise, diet, non-smoking, group therapy and comradeship has a huge impact on members physical/mental health, well-being and individual development.


Help you to develop greater self-confidence.

Have no age, ethnicity or disability criteria.

Create a friendly and caring atmosphere where friendships thrive.

Social and fundraising events are held on a regular basis to raise much needed funds but also helps to forge community engagement and reduce isolation.

Why do we offer the programme?

Heart disease affects people from all walks of life. High-risk individuals need specialised support and it is essential they continue to follow on from the hospital BACPR Phase III programme with support out in the community. All need on-going support, which may have serious implications if not supported.


A time of worry, anxiety and distress for all the family, group therapy has a remarkable beneficial effect and gives participants the incentive to continue with the exercise programme and so improve their physical and mental wellbeing. With the best will in the world, exercising at home does not have the same effect.


It is well documented that exercise and relaxation groups by qualified BACPR Level IV instructors has a huge impact on the lives of cardiac patients and individuals at risk of heart disease.

Tutors can often pick up on slight problems and may advise patient to see their GP, thus averting a more serious outcome and cost implications.

Often partners are overlooked with all the emphasis on the patient's care and wellbeing. The worry and stress of looking after a loved one can take its toll on their own health, both mentally and physically and for this reason we encourage the partner/carer to participate. It helps to lessen their own anxiety, observing the patient's progress and they too benefit from the exercise, relaxation and camaraderie.

Meet The Committee



Mike Dicken

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Vice Chair

Madge Preston



Heather Bunce



Ronald Maude



AIan Atkinson

Committee Member


Committee Member

Dorren Hare

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Committee Member

Sheila Sargent


Committee Member

Tony Walker

Committee Member

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