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Here To Help Your Heart

Heart Support North Tees and Hartlepool are a not-for-profit voluntary organisation run by a committee of 10 voluntary trustees, drawn from the membership of the Group and lived eperience.

We are here to help Cardiac patients and or those at risk of Heart Disease.

We offer on-going weekly 'Exercise & Relaxation Classes' and support for patients diagnosed with or at risk of cardiovascular-related disease and their partner/carer in the North Tees and Hartlepool area.

Supporting You

We support cardiovascular patients and those at risk of heart disease in the North Tees & Hartlepool area.


We take referrals from Cardiac Rehab. Clinicians, following completion of cardiac rehabilitation phase lll programme. We also take referrals' from GPs & Practice Nurses. Self-referral by coming to a class and speaking to qualified tutor.


  Please call our charity on

  07719 754 507 



Classes held weekly under the supervision of a BACPR Level IV tutor at the following venues 

Elm Tree Community Centre & Newtown Community Centre

Mill House Leisure Centre


Wolviston Court Community Centre

Message from our New Chairman

 14th August 2023

Dear All,

Just to inform you that I was elected to be the New Chairman of Heart Support at the last Committee meeting on 7th August 2023.

 I would like first to thank Ian Austin for his hard work and leadership of Heart Support since its setting up four years ago. I would like also to thank his wife Margaret for her support as a committee member.

I hope to see Ian and Margaret at the classes in future and hope Ian’s health will continue to improve.

Where do I go from here with the role of Chairman? I would like to meet as many members as possible of Heart Support in the coming months. I intend to visit the various classes and exercise along with the members and get to know more people within the group.

I joined as a member of the then named “Take Heart” class on Fridays some fifteen years ago. It was after being referred from Hospital classes where I met Taff Cummings who welcomed me. Eventually Heart Support took over the Friday class, joining established groups on the north side of the River Tees. I have benefited most certainly from these classes.

We are very much a friendly group, as most of you know, and I would like to help the group to prosper in the future. Recently Heart Support has been awarded a large Lottery funding, which is it to be paid in six payments over the next 3 years. These payments are subject to us submitting yearly returns and on the understanding that we start to become more self-funding in the near future.

The Lottery grant mentions that unless we start running within our own means, there may not be more funding from the Lottery in the future. If we start to show how we are trying to gain some improvement in our accounts, we may get some more funding from them in the future.

It is important that we do not lose this opportunity and use these funds to create a greater foundation for our group.

It is not easy at the moment due to a lot of charities struggling to survive due to the economic climate. We need to get back to raising some funds ourselves as we have done with reasonable success in the past.

We continue to seek other grants but we do not always fulfil the correct criteria. We have been turned down a couple of times recently. If we are fortunate to get any grants to help with our running costs, it would certainly be a bonus.


Unfortunately, I have been elected to the position of Chairman during the holiday season and I have managed only one Committee meeting before going on our family holiday next week.

If anyone is going on holiday in the next few weeks, I hope you have a lovely time. I look forward to seeing you all at one of the classes in September or October.



Michael Dicken   

Chairman    Heart Support (North Tees and Hartlepool)  

"Friendships made over a cup of tea. Can honestly say your work and methods are the best."

"Diabetic; Shocked and felt vulnerable when told of the risk to my heart.  After joining Heart Support I am feeling better both mentally and physically.  Reassuring to know it's run with health professionals and caring people."

"Feel very confident that the cardiovascular workout will help in no uncertain terms to stave of further heart problems."


National Lottery Funding £50,000 over 3 years.

Heartfelt thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund and all the National Lottery players, without whose support the distribution of grants to the many deserving charities, such as ours, would not be possible.

Heart Support (North Tees and Hartlepool). is delighted to announce that our 4th financial year kicks off with a fantastic £50,000 grant from the National Lottery  Community Fund, allowing Heart Support to cover basic costs and plan ahead for the next 3 years. Continuing our local ongoing support for adults diagnosed with, or at risk of cardiovascular disease and their families in the North Tees and Hartlepool area.

We offer a continuous programme of weekly exercise and relaxation classes, and group therapy in Billingham, Hartlepool, and Stockton: rebuilding confidence, improving and maintaining the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our members.

Through our various social and fundraising activities, we are proud  to be able to bring together families, friends and the local community.

Joining In Stockton Voluteers' Market 2023

Friday 2nd June 2023 we attended Catalyst Stockton's' Volunteers' Market. A very well organised and successful day.  Our Heart Support Tombola / Promotion stall raised a fantastic £121!​ All made possible by the donation of all the fantastic prizes from our members and the tremendous help from Karen and Neil who helped to man the stall from 9am - 3pm. Dorothy had also agreed to help but unfortunately, couldn't make it. And not forgetting the public who came along to give their support. A big thank you, to you all. WELL DONE!


It was also a very good day promotional wise, lots of interest from other stall holders, the public and health professionals. 


Personalised Care, Lead, Katie Mackay came along and introduced us to local social prescribers.  We look forward to working with them.


Hartlepower CEO, Julian Penton popped by for a chat. Heart Support very appreciate their help and support.


Lovely to see and chat with the new Stockton Mayor and Mayoress, Jim and Pauline Beall who were in attendance and visited all the stalls. All in all a very interesting and successful day!


Affiliated to

British Heart Foundation

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County Durham Community Foundation

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